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Ned Millis studied journalism as a career path but drifted into marketing and sales upon graduating from Claremont Men’s College. He has traveled extensively in the Far East, Caribbean, Mexico and Europe. Interests in computers, gadgetry, technology and intelligence gathering finally compelled him to begin writing techno-thrillers with these as strong elements.

He is a five campaign veteran of the ‘Korean Conflict’ and dealt with enemy guerilla tactics first hand in the mountainous central regions of that country between August of 1950 and July of 1952 when peace talks between North and South Korea began.


Why does he write what he writes?


“America needs heroes. We need them to get through our daily lives
with some assurance that good can win over evil and that justice can be served.
I’ve tried to conceive a hero, in Deke Gannon, with both physical and
intellectual qualities, to give him appeal for a wider audience. Today’s
readers like to see and read about high tech gadgets and I like to

research and incorporate them in my stories.”


“In my writing style I try to avoid long sections of narrative,
preferring the faster reading pace that dialogue allows.”


“Series novels allow readers to join characters, again and again,
thereby fulfilling that need to have more of the same.”




How to reach me:

Edward Milllis - writing as Ned Millis
 81153 Red Rock Road

La Quinta, CA 92253

Phone: +1 760 238 4088



What's New

A new novel...not about Deke Gannon and friends...join Evan Scott in the mysterious reaches of cyberspace. 

CyberCorp will pull you into an exciting world of artificial intelligence and the wonders of a world few enter.

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